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Unexpected and ironic influences shape a world where classic and experimental styles
pair up to create entirely new pre-finished wooden floors.

Black - tinted oak and washed out, like a Denim, and dyed in red or the special process conceived as a treatment on fabric, that gives to the floor a strong and sharp chromatic intensity.
Camouflage patterns and light printing let the natural wood’s texture visible to enrich the effect
of two patterns overlapped creating a non uniform colour effect
keeping wood’s qualities unchanged.
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Wood camo

Product Features and Plus

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CE Marking

CE Marking Berti products are CE MARKED: this shows that the products meet the essential requirements by safety, public health and consumer protection Directives

Fire Reaction Class

Fire reaction class CFL/DFL S1 according to the European Standard EN 13501-1:2019


All Berti products meet legal requirements relating to permitted formaldehyde concentration, well within the limits prescribed: 0.01 ppm (which stands for 0.01 parts per million)

Underfloor heating and cooling systems

Berti products are compatible with underfloor heating and cooling systems

Hi-Tech Lacquer

All Berti products undergo a HI-tech painting cycle, which is an unique mix of production capacity, aesthetics and chemical physical resistance at the highest level

Antibacterial Finishing

Ask for "Silver Protector" the antibacterial treatment. Thanks to the powerful action of silver ions, you will protect your wooden floor by eliminating 99% of bacteria in just 24 hours

Profiling with diamonds tools

The profiling performed using diamond tools in order to obtain the perfect cut of the boards, without indentation or serrated edge and high precision joints and without trimmings for a perfect closure and flatness of the floor

100% Design and Made in Italy

A supply chain of excellence that focuses on Italian craftsmanship in compliance with the highest quality and aesthetic standards

PLANKS AND PATTERN FLOORS | Available dimensions


Widths: 130>220mm
Lengths: 1000>2500mm
Thickness: 13mm

Herringbone 90°

Width: 120mm
Random Lengths: 500>800mm
Thickness: 13mm

Chevron 60°

Width: 120mm
Random Lengths: 500>800mm
Thickness: 13mm

Chevron 45°

Width: 120mm
Random Lengths: 500>800mm
Thickness: 13mm