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Berti is one of the main companies in the national and international wood flooring sector. Berti's family, the company's founders, Mr. Giancarlo and his wife Rosanna and their sons Matteo, Andrea and Massimo have always been very careful to market's evolutions. Berti parquet, excellent finish wood flooring 100% Italian made, tastings and different atmospheres with a wide variety of styles.
1929 Born The Founder

Cesare Berti was born in Villa del Conte, in the Padua province. When he was only twelve he was already at work as an apprentice carpenter. In 1929, he branched out on his own and started a small carpentry workshop.

azienda 1910
1950 New Location

Cesare Berti moved his business to a new location, a bigger one. He purchased a sawmill and for some time he focused on the timber trade.

1958 New Generation

The new generation steps forward. Cesare Berti and the sons Giancarlo and Silvano established the “P.B. Parchettificio Berti”, which since the beginning counts over 100 employees and it is the first company in the wood industry to employ the computerized lines for the choice of the wooden floor.

1980 New Technologies

The Company follows the market and the technologies development. Initially it focuses on the production of design floors, with geometric patterns inspired by the floorings of the antique mansion houses of the Veneto region and by other artistic buildings. Afterwards, thanks to the employment of the laser cut technique, it begins the manufacturing of innovative inlaid floors.

azienda 1980
1988 New Name

Another change. The company name is changed to "Berti Pavimenti Legno".

azienda 1988
2000 Pre-Finished Floor

The market takes up toward the pre-finished floor: begins a changeover of the machineries, with the purchase of four new manufacturing lines. In 2002, it begins the production of the big size pre-finished. In 2004 three new machineries for the parquet pre-finished inlaid wooden floor were purchased.

azienda 2000
2008 Self-Supporting Warehouse

Berti finalized the construction of the new self-supporting warehouse. It contains 12.500 pallet spaces and a warehousing capacity of 1 million sq. ms of parquet flooring. All the loading and unloading operations are fully automated, thanks to Hi-tech hardware and software and the use of four robots moving on rails.

azienda 2008
2015 Diesel Living by Berti

From the mix of the unique Diesel Living touch and Berti’s know how a new partnership is born. It is a result of the research and the innovation on the transformation and treatment of materials applied on a collection of wooden floors, where several lay outs and finishings turn each location in a 100% Diesel space.

azienda 2015
2019 Inlays but modern

In Domotex Hannover Berti has shown the new pre-finished pattern floors collection: a real revolution for the wooden flooring that transforms a classic concept in a modern solution giving a breath of fresh air, smart and innovative in the Wooden floors market.

azienda 2019

Laser and floors
A sophisticated combination

Being the first company in the world to study the application of laser technology to the inlaid wooden floor allows the creation of real artworks
becoming an unparalleled reference point for this advanced processing technique.
Thanks to the contribution of the laser, a simple wooden plank can become a refined work of art: tiny pieces of wood essence, combined and combined with taste, can give life to real masterpieces.

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azienda dubai
azienda laser
azienda laser
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azienda pavone

Every project is an opportunity for us to create beauty, making wishes come true

Berti Wood Floors has elevated the inheritance collected to authentic art, making the elegance of wood shine in prestigious creations and references that distinguish the brand all over the world.

Find out the references
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Certified, beauty and naturalness wooden floors
Plus and processing methods

Support and top layer

Berti pays particular attention to the preparation of the hardwood top layer and the support, with an accurate respect of the gluing time and the technical qualities of birch which guarantee maximum stability for the base.

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Italian finishing

To guarantee a protective shield and high resistance to wear and stains, Berti has studied a particular finishing technique that involves up to 8 coats of water-based paint applied with a roller. In this way the floor acquires exceptional hardness and resistance. Usury becoming in practice eternal.

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Hi-Tech Finishing

Berti's HI-Tech lacquering cycle is an unique mix of production capacity, aesthetics and chemical physical resistance at the highest level.
The industrial UV drying system for the lacquering application allows to control in real time the drying process of each coat of lacquer. The first 4 lacquering coats are applied using roller systems with high softness that allow to fit in and impregnate uniformly the entire surface of the plank to lacquer.

azienda profilatura

Profiling and diamond tools

The profiling are made using diamond tools to assure a perfect finish. Upon handing each strip the absence of saw marks is immediately evident: the fingers run softly over the smooth sides without encountering the unsightly ledges and roughness typical of imperfect cuts.

Antibacterial Finishing

Upon request Berti can sanitize with the antibacterial finishing adding to a special additives based on silver ions. The treatment and finishing “Silver Protector” is a Catas certified sanitizing paint which, thanks to the powerful action of silver ions, protects your environments by eliminating 99% of bacteria in just 24 hours, preventing the survival and proliferation of the enemies of hygiene and health.

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Respect for the environment

Man and the environment. Building and furnishing the space of the first, in a natural and beneficial way, respecting the life and integrity of the second. The care for the health of those who live, walk and work on its floors is in the very nature of Berti products, as well as contributing to the energy balance of the environments in which they are placed.

Feautures of wood.
Berti's certificates

CE Marking

Berti products are CE MARKED. The products meet the essential requirements by safety, public health and consumer protection Directives.

VOC Air Quality Certification

The VOC certification defines the volatile compounds present in a product according to the impact it has on the air contained in the environment.


Ask for FSC® certified products before ordering. The Forest Steward certification confirms that the raw material comes from forests managed in a correct, transparent and controlled according to FSC standards


Products that achieve CARB certification, required by the EPA for products sold in the USA and California, are verified by a third party to comply with the formaldehyde emissions standards.

Dolomites Energy

The "100% clean energy Dolomiti Energia" brand identifies the origin of electricity from a renewable source and represents a new concept of energy consumption.