Types of parquet:
a guide to choosing

What do we mean when we talk about “Classes of appearance” of wood?
Each wood essence boasts unique features in terms of aesthetic performance. The latter is regulated by the international standard UNI EN 13489:2018 which classifies the choice of wooden elements according to the appearance (grain and knot) distinguishing them in 3 categories each marked by a geometric symbol: Circle: Extra choice, Triangle: Nature choice, Square: Rustic choice


The Extra Choice of the parquet (corresponding to the symbol of the circle) is also known with the common name of “rigatino”.
The wood fibre is oriented and can have only small healthy nodes, less than 3 mm, can have slight variations and is not allowed the sapwood (the most tender and lighter part of the trunk).  The parquet will have a regular straight flamed grain, occasional small, non-compromising imperfections called lived knots, and boards without sapwood (the softest and lightest part of the trunk).

parquet rovere prima scelta extra


In the Nature Choice the knots and streaks, although limited in size and quantity, highlight the natural and organic character of the wood.
This type of parquet also known as “parquet rigato fiammato” has slight color variations with grains of homogeneous design, any deviations, healthy nodes of small size (up to eight millimeters in diameter) and sapwood.
This type of parquet is an excellent choice for anyone who wants the floor to look very natural.

parquet rovere scelta natura


Cracks, knots and striations accentuated without specific limit of measurement: let’s talk about the Rustic Choice represented with the square. Depending on the type of wood, this class of appearance tolerates in a wider way all the “imperfections” that in reality are real aesthetic characteristics: abundance of knots (both filled and not filled), veins and mineral striations.These floors are a great choice when the natural and alive look is what you are looking for. Most suitable choice on pre-finished products.

parquet rovere scelta rustica

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