Wood cladding
ICA modulo 1

I-Wood wall cladding and flooring

With a strong personality, the ICA wood floor, in Module 1, is composed of a single module with two elements in light and dark oak.

Different designs are composed each time by changing the sequence of the modules and the placement of the colors of the wood essences.

Made on a very slim 3-layers planks, of only 10.2mm total thickness, ICA is ideal as a wall covering. The final laquering layers make it a wooden floor classified in the category of "high traffic".

Appearance classes

Available wood choices: Extra

Modules dimension

Width: 300mm
Lenght: 600mm
​​Total thickness: 10,2mm
Top layer: oak wood veneer 0,6mm
Middle layer: birch plywood 9mm
Supporting layer: wood veneer 0,6mm

Product features

BFL s-1 Fire reaction class
UNI EN 13501-1:2019

Toy Safety Certification
UNI EN 713

Formaldehyde below
the permitted limits

CE Marked
UNI EN 14342:2013

Best Floor for
High Traffic Areas

High technical performance

Eco-friendly floor

Ecological lacquer and glue

Customizable floor

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