The wood
becomes parquet

Wood is the natural material par excellence: always praised as a living material is a choice of well-being. The emotion and warmth of natural wood are not comparable to any other choice in terms of coating, which combine high performance and a remarkable aesthetic and decorative elegance.
Know the quality of our products: wood and parquet are our passions.

Parquet Essential

Essential is the collection of wooden floors with a modern and essential elegance that features a wide selection of wooden species and colors produced respecting high quality standards:Oak , Burma teak, American walnut or Eur. Walnut, African Doussiè and Iroko. All the finishes and treatments of wooden floors are designed to enhance quality and beauty, guaranteeing ease of use and daily maintenance. DISCOVER THE COLLECTION

Parquet Countryside

Countryside prefinished oak planks are characterized by finishes and treatments that enhance the naturalness of the wood. The oak is stained from light to dark for a shabby chic parquet or for a modern decor with personality. DISCOVER THE COLLECTION

Parquet Berti Studio

Berti Studio wood flooring offers a medley of nuances that evoke a natural, neutral mood, with a varied palette tending towards warm shades in some cases and with a cooler edge in others. All BertiStudio planks are the product of the craftsmanship and knowhow of our skilled woodworkers. For wood flooring that becomes a unique, unrepeatable piece. DISCOVER THE COLLECTION

Diesel Living with Berti

Together with Diesel Living, Berti has designed wooden floors with the idea that quality of life is determined by passion, experience and feelings. The Diesel Living with Berti Line offers an interpretation of pre-finished parquet on oak wood base with a strong contemporary taste, with details in shades of color and treatment processes. A proposal of parquet with contrasting shapes and special treatments combined with a constant research of contemporary and vintage taste DISCOVER THE COLLECTION

Parquet Square Space

The collection Square Space wooden tiles, have a beauty that does not belong to the time, classic or modern they are. They play a leading role in the furniture, because their presence gives warmth and charm to the environments, making them comfortable and welcoming. Available in pre-finished and on request in solid wood. DISCOVER THE COLLECTION

Laser Inlays

Berti inlaid floors are works of great aesthetic value, which testify how the ancient art of wooden inlay has regained all its splendor thanks to modern technology. DISCOVER THE COLLECTION