Pale Wood

A floor with pale wood colors makes the space brighter, lighter and wider. Some advantages of light woods such as American maple or color painted oak: they do not tire easily, are simple to match and convey an exclusive feeling of warmth especially in a small environment of small size and with no remarkable natural lighting.

Product Features

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CE Marking

Berti products are CE MARKED: this shows that the products meet the essential requirements by safety, public health and consumer protection Directives

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Fire Reaction Class

Fire reaction class CFL/DFL S1 according to the European Standard EN 13501-1:2019

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All Berti products meet legal requirements relating to permitted formaldehyde concentration, well within the limits prescribed: 0.01 ppm (which stands for 0.01 parts per million)

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Hi-Tech Lacquer

All Berti products undergo a HI-tech painting cycle, which is an unique mix of production capacity, aesthetics and chemical physical resistance at the highest level

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Underfloor heating and cooling systems

Berti products are compatible with underfloor heating and cooling systems

100% Design and Made in Italy

A supply chain of excellence that focuses on Italian craftsmanship in compliance with the highest quality and aesthetic standards

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