A declared philosophy

The many years of experience and the research and development work of the technical office allow Berti to interpret the needs of each customer, transforming them into wooden floors without complexity limits.

Analysis, consulting and design

Thanks to the contribution of sophisticated laser technology, every design is customizable, from the most classic and traditional to the most modern. Dimensions, thickness, type of finish, variety of woods, styles and colors. Berti is not only aimed at the private sector, but also offers a specialized service to trade and contract.


Transport and installation

In addition to the realization and delivery of the material, particular attention is paid to the after-sales service.
Berti guarantees, at the customer’s request, complete assistance: from initial design to the final installation implemented by selected experts.


Italian excellence
in tailor made design

The tailor made product is a concept intimately connected to the Italian business culture.
It has always represented the manufacturing capacity that plays a key role in the world: the Italian excellence of producing special processes.

The Berti family has always dedicated its work to the valorization of wooden floors, enhancing their essence with creative processes with a deep tradition of craftsmanship combined with innovative tools of modern technology. Only in this way can a simple surface be transformed into a work of art with infinite possibilities for customization, refinement and uniqueness.